Our Collection
For local sales, please contact us or come sit a spell at our next vendor market.

  1. Adult chair
    Adult chair
    Whether you're savoring a sunset on the beach or roasting marshmallows with friends, our signature chairs are made with your comfort in mind. Each is hand-crafted from start to finish from pressure treated pine, and fold and nest for storage.
  2. Folding Stool-Table
    Folding Stool-Table
    Our most versatile outdoor table! Designed for use as a foot rest with our chairs, this table folds easily for storage. Its the perfect side table, but strong enough for extra seating.
  3. Folding Tall Table
    Folding Tall Table
    A little taller than our stool, this table is a great spot for your morning carafe and coffee mug. Load up those s'mores! Its the perfect width to use as a fireside cooking station.
  4. Natural Wood  Fire Poker
    Natural Wood Fire Poker
    We start with a solid block of natural hardwood, and turn it on a lathe to produce a handle that is easy to hold. Each handle then receives a clear coat and is bonded to a 40 inch long twisted wrought iron rod.
  5. Colorful Laminate Fire Poker
    Colorful Laminate Fire Poker
    Just like our hardwood handles, these start as a solid block of multicolored pressed birch. Once turned, each handle renders a unique pattern. All handles are clear-coated for outdoor exposure.
  6. Fun Size Chair
    Fun Size Chair
    Made for kids ages 5 and up, these little chairs are strong enough for grown -ups too! They fold for easy transportation to the ball field or the beach.
  7. Custom Stencil Design
    Custom Stencil Design
    Make your chair or table unique with a custom stencil. We have stock images and will work with you to find something special.